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Are you looking for an affordable organic search engine optimisation firm ? SEO Services can range in a wide field of areas on the web and with varied pricing, from cheap to ridiculously expensive. Most companies that specialise in this field specialise with commercial industry SEO in mind. Here at PK,  we are a little bit different. We specialise in SEO with the best type of SEO that you can find.

We like to call it affiliate marketing SEO. This is the toughest industry in SEO to beat compared to standard type services related to commercial services. This is why we are different.We are always in touch with the " ELITE FEW " that are in the know of this industry. We always know what's coming around the corner because we market this industry as affiliates in SEO. The hardest thing to do on the web is to sell products. When you deal in affiliate marketing, you realistically are dealing in the most toughest industry when it comes to tuning websites.One key area on how Google views websites is social media.

SEO ServicesMany people on the web visit many social media sites with Facebook being the most common visited social media site. Twitter is also among one other large site where people express quick Tweets.However popular these sites may be, they also hold lots of water when it comes to your site's rankings. Google these days views sites and gives weight to sites that are liked by Facebook, tweeted often, Google +1 and so forth. It is important for any business to be socially acceptable by these major sites.The more times you are found on these sites, the better it is for your search engine optimisation and site rankings.

On top of this Social SEO, there are of course other factors that play a key role. Although Google states to it's web site owners that you are better off structuring your site in a particular fashion, if you could expose their algorithms, you would find it can tend to be the opposite. Google will never release true SEO algorithms and for good reason. What is the reason ? Simple ! If everyone knew Google's true requirements, you wouldn't have the best informational sites on top but more so all the spammy sites instead because spammers would know what Google is looking for.

This is why Google has algorithm changes every few years. To drop sites that have been spamming the system. SEO services are not what every other SEO Agency claim to be.We have seen on the web basically sites with only three or four words and a couple of images and these sites are ranking on page 1 with next to no informational content, while sites beneath them are loaded with content. This is all about on page structure alone. Not Off page SEO Listed Below are some of our SEO Sydney services

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