Penguin 4 How Does It Effect The Serps Now


2 years down the line, SEO conversations have unanimously been dominated by one question. When will Google update Penguin? Well, Google has finally confirmed that it has rolled out a Penguin algorithm update.


Google first launched Penguin update in April 2012, in an effort to curb and eliminate spamming sites, particularly so, those that used black hat SEO. Victims of the Penguin gradually been declining. After the release of the Penguin, web owners have wised up and are now getting rid of bad links. Penguin 1.0 hit approximately 37 billion queries, while the latest Penguin 3.0 hit 12 billion queries. It`s expected that figures associated with the recently released Penguin 4.0 will fall drastically.


Penguin fishes out sites with inorganic links, those bought and those with content ranking purposes.What makes any Penguin update a dreadful moment for any site is not only due to ranking factors but also due to the marketing campaign.Before the onset on Penguin, corrupt links were simply devaluated and what one needed was just a mere replacement.Google has put forward that the impact of the Penguin 4.0 will be gradual, as they have to re-crawl the entire system. Most importantly, to root out the deep links.


So What Now ? What Will Penguin 4 Target Exactly ?

Things to Expect from Penguin 4.0 To Penalise

-Paid links

Any site with overtly sponsored links will definitely be hit by Penguin 4

-Irrelevant links

Penguin 4.0 will now disregard the topical relevance of a link i.e. a pet store linking to a software site is altogether an irrelevant link.

-Optimized and Exact match anchor texts

-Spammy backlinks


Penguin 4.0 is now real time


Initially, a list of websites affected by Penguin were occasionally restored at the same time.

Once a site was given a clean bill health by improving the site and making it visible, Google algorithms would reward the site instantly, but others, such as Penguin, would wait until a refresh is done for the site to be considered.

With the update, the changes will be effected and visible within a short span of time. Despite Google using real-time, the changes will not occur instantaneously, instead, there will have to be a time lag. Spam will now be devalued by adjusting the ranking based on spam signal, instead of wholly affecting the site. By this, Google will now focus on specific pages toxic links rather than the whole site. Some of these micro details are hard to track and this is why every site owner requires to make thorough internal audit to your site and content.


Penguin is part of Google`s core algorithm


Some experts believe this is the main reason why Google has not spoken a word about any future update of its program. In its press statement in Google Web master blog, the internet giant did not confirm about Penguin 5.0.

This means that your SEO Specialists will need to continuously audit and monitor your backlink profile.

Use of the web has drastically changed. Due to this reason, webmasters should focus on creating superb and organic content. Despite all this, it`s important to note that Penguin is only, among the 200+Google uses for ranking factors.

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